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It's All About Quality

Why choose Just Quality International Foods?

Just Quality International is the complete package for all your needs – from start to finish. JQI employs what we call the “Just Quality” or “JQ” model – a truly one-stop shopping experience offering quality products & prices.

We are proud to offer……

  • Complete product availability

  • Consistent & Reliable Supply

  • Competitive pricing

  • Experienced staff offering personable
    & prompt service

  • Real Time Inventory Transparency

  • Access to valuable market information;

  • Customized logistic solutions.

labor saving...


Doing the right things and doing things right.

Our guiding principles:

  • We excel at what we do

  • We are innovators

  • We care. We do good for the planet and for the people

  • We are a trustable and dependable team

  • We are 100% customer centric

Our Mission:

JQI is a responsible leader in supplying innovative & quality food products, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions by empowering our partners around the world.

Our Vision:

JQI will be the ultimate & diversified premium food company that employees are proud to work for, suppliers are excited to supply to and customers are happy to collaborate with.


Sales & Growth

Professional Sales Rep

Relationship Building

Distribution Network

Sales Chain Management



Strong Presence in American Market

Competitive Pricing

Brand Position

Customized Logistic Solutions



Brand Awareness

Media Maintenance

Private Brand Label Services

Creative Innovation



Global Customer Base

Product Development


Retail to Food Service

Food Safety and Q&A

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Food Safety Audits and Inspections

Certified Documentation / Compliance

3rd Party Audits

HACCP & Tracibility

Import & Export

Import & Export

Dedicated Staff

Streamline Supply Chain

Logistic Experts

Global Transportation

Our Model

JQI looks at the traditional and big trade models and asks how one can further improve their overall efficiency and success. Our solution lay in our partners.

In a constantly changing marketplace that is often dependent upon environmental factors and reliable relationships, JQI has established a strong advantage over the competition by removing the once tangible separation between customer and our partners.

Our Network

11 National Storage Facilities

8 Ports

19 Partners Globally


Social Responsibility

Well being and Prosperity ……​

JQI is an international company in an industry that depends on small communities around the world.  We believe that our success is directly linked to the success of these communities therefore we are committed to the well being and prosperity of the farmers, families, and communities that produce our products.

We are committed to donating frozen products to organizations in need.  We donate our products to parish food programs and food banks across Canada and the United States, as well as to small communities in need across Latin America & Asia

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce… Recycle….Conserve…….

Our success is largely dependent upon agriculture and natural forces, we take every step to build a company based on sustainable work practices.

We encourage our partners to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible.  Water conservation and waste reduction are consistently practiced in the facilities where our products originate.

Just Quality employs an electronic filing system for all that we do.  Printing paper is discouraged at all costs, and we insist that all documentation from suppliers around the world is sent electronically instead of by mail, thus reducing our paper trail.

JQI is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment as well as supporting our growers, packers, and their surrounding communities.

  • School Of Hope - JQI supports local efforts fighting malnutrition in Guatemala.  Our packers deliver fresh fruit and vegetables along with nutrition and education programs to children in the program

  • New Roots Foundation - Our leadership is on the board of this foundation which is committed to conservation and education programs that protect the local communities and their natural resources.  It strives to preserve and share the culture by supporting and promoting local artists and artisans.

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