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Quality Assurance

Just Quality believes in quality from farm to table. We watch over every step of the journey - from farming to processing to packing and shipping of our products. We apply the highest standards in quality assurance to guarantee the trace-ability of each of our ingredients by their taste and nutritional qualities, and the food safety throughout our chain.

  • Our plants are certified to GFSI Standards

  • All of our products comply with FDA, USDA, and Canadian CFIA standards

  • Certificate of Analysis, quality control, and regulatory documents for our products are kept for 7 years after production.

For more details please contact our sales representative.

Our Services

We are committed to providing you with high quality products, customized logistic solutions, and outstanding customer service from our experienced staff. We offer distributorship or wholesale services as well. 

  • We partner with only the best growers that pass our rigorous background screening and 3rd party auditing processes to bring you superior quality products.

  • We add value and streamline your supply chain by bringing products directly to you and eliminating the need for multiple touch points or vendors.

  • Our dedicated staff has over 10 years of buying experience with our growers; we know when and where to buy to get the best price for our customers. We also have professional understanding of seasonality and how to manage a 12 month supply chain. 

  • With more than 100 items, we are able to consolidate loads from various distribution points, making the operation process more convenient and customer friendly.

  • We move thousands of containers a year worldwide. We have every favorable freight rate.

  • We offer private brand & label services to our customers with resources of more than 100 farms.​

  • We also offer custom pack sizes from Retail to Food Service packs to totes & bins for processing & production.

Our Supply Chain

Secure, reliable, and traceable – our supply chain is firmly based on these values. We follow our product every step of the way, from point of origin to point of destination. Using risk and vulnerability management, supply chain audits, and careful consideration of business partnerships, we work to maintain confidence in our supply chain. Our strong relationships with each business partner further reinforces the reliability and traceability of our product.

Our Partners

The partners we work with worldwide must share our values in the operation of their facilities.  They provide their workers with fair pay and hours, transportation to and from work, access to health care, and opportunity for advancement. 


We are proud to say that our partners help their employees and communities to strengthen and prosper.

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